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Ott Sistem kreveti pružaju zdravo i idealno okruženje za spavanje. Posteljina i posteljno rublje moraju biti u skladu sa istim zahtevima. To su proizvodi koje Ecovolve nudi pod brendom Revolana.

Revolana proizvodi su napravljeni sa istom filozofijom kao Ott Sistem. Revolana nudi jastuke, jorgane, zaštite za dušeke i posteljinu. Koristi vunu, prirodni lateks, organski pamuk i lan. Kao i kod Ott Sistema, ova 4 prirodna materijala veoma lepo kompletiraju krevet.

Zaštita za dušeke

Zaštita za dušek je sašivena od 100% organskog pamuka i veoma je mekana i upijajuća. Može se prati na 60°C što omogućava perfektno održavanje čistoće dušeka ne sprečavajući regulacione karakteristike vunenog naddušeka.

Mi je nudimo u plato formatu sa 4 jake lastike. Napravljena je od pletenog pamuka i zbog toga je prirodno rastegljiva. Mnogo je udobnija od klasične zaštite koja je obično istkana sa grubim pamukom.

To je proizvod koji sistematski nudimo sa dušecima.

Jastuci od vune i lateksa

Kao suštinski elemenat komfora sna, jastuk mora pružiti dobru potporu za glavu tako da se mišići vrata mogu opustiti prilikom spavanja. Takođe mora biti od materijala koji „diše“ da bi regulisao vlagu koja se prirodno oslobađa iz glave u toku spavanja. Jastuci od sintetičkih materijala koji ne „dišu“ stvaraju kondenzaciju i glava spavača postaje neugodno mokra od znoja.

Mi nudimo jedinstvene jastuke koji kombinuju perle od čiste runske vune sa pahuljicama od organskog prirodnog lateksa. These pillows provide all the benefits of pure new wool (breathable and regulating) with those of natural latex (resilience and elast city). Wool gives volume to the pillow while latex prevents the settling down of the wool in the long run.

Our pillows all include a zipper that allows to regulate the amount of filling in the pillow. We offer different firmnesses out of the box and wool-latex refills to eventually complete them. Pillows can last for many years. Their envelope in organic cotton is very resistant. They are available in sizes 60×40 cm, 70×50 cm, 60×60 cm et 80×40 cm.

The different firmnesses of the pillows in the Revolana range: flat, soft and firm.
The different firmnesses of the pillows in the Revolana range: flat, soft and firm.

We also offer 100% organic cotton pillow protectors that can be washed regularly.

Pillow protectors from the Revolana range.
Pillow protectors from the Revolana range.

Pure new wool duvets

The main role of the duvet and mattress topper is the management of moisture released by the body during sleep. When moisture can not escape it causes overheating and discomfort. The sleeper pushes the duvet away because he or she is too hot and has the body is wet, one fells cold or even catch a cold.

Wool absorbs moisture and rejects it in the room. This natural regulation gives a feeling of well-being that allows a wool duvet to be comfortable is large range of temperature, much greater than a duvet stuffed with another material.

We offer pure new wool duvets in 3 weight, 200 g/m² for summer or well heated rooms, 400 g/m² for temperate rooms (17 to 21°C) and finally 600 g/m² for colder unheated rooms (17°C and below). The temperature of comfort is also a very personal element. If you are often cold, prefer a warmer duvet even for higher temperatures. The breathable properties of the wool will allow you to be comfortable anyway.

100% organic cotton bed linen

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality bed linen. Even more difficult in organic cotton. That’s why we selected a high quality percale fabric with 94 threads/cm². Percale is a poplin woven tightly with fine threads. We speak of percale from 80 threads/cm². The quality we choose gives a soft and silky fabric while being very durable. This is the quality usually found in luxury hotels. Percale gives a fresh and pleasant touch.

100% pure washed linen bed linen

Pure linen is a noble fabric. Its story is intimately related to that of men. Fragments of fibers dating back to 40,000 BC have been found. It was not until the 19th century, with the mechanization of the cotton industry, that flax fabrics began to decline. It has regained some momentum nowadays for good reasons.

The cultivation of flax requires little nitrogen and very little or no phytosanitary treatment. And there is no GMO flax. Flax, even non-organic, is an ecological crop. To go from the plant to the yarn, the processes are natural (retting), then mechanical (scutching). In addition, companies that spin and weave flax are generally very sensitive to ecological processes and use them in the manufacture of the fabric.

Its culture, as its transformation, are therefore economical in water and energy. And linen fabrics are of an incomparable touch, very pleasant. It is an elegant, resistant and very durable fabric.

In the cold season, linen sheets give a warm touch even in an unheated room. In the hot season, they stay fresh and pleasant. Linen sheets are ideal in any season. As we select pure linen fabric woven with fine thread, it has a soft touch that does not scratch like the thick linen of our grandmothers.

We only offer washed linen. Linen usually shrinks 5 to 7% in the first wash. That first wash we do ourselves. So we plan the confection with a larger size so that the final size once the linen is washed is the expected one. In addition, the linen softens on the first wash as with each successive wash. We therefore deliver a good size product, which does not move and that is ready to be used in your bed.

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